His Story My Life Book

His Story, My Life, is a fantastic journey of a woman who has gone through a roller coaster of life. Her courage and candid talk about her life were just as inspiring as the story itself. Zinhle immediately brings the reader into her personal space right from the beginning of the book, and she captivates you with vivid descriptions or background. Bringing out the beauty of life in the rural areas and challenges of being a girl child growing up in an era where you could lose opportunities just because of color, gender, or geographic location. The writing style also brings you up close with the author, and you can see the authenticity of her story and her passionate desire to help those looking for solutions. The book is an amazing mix of scientific facts and real stories that bring out a candid conversation addressing topics many may deem taboo. You will certainly not be bored as you read this book. Instead, you will find it engaging and captivating on one side, and on the other side, it is thought provoking and awe inspiring.

Her courage and bravery will undoubtedly be a point of healing for those that follow this book through. This is the kind of story that needs to be told, and it will help others break out of being victims of their circumstances to become victors in life and be able to bring others on a journey of discovering freedom. In a society working so hard to bring women to a place where there is social balance and equality, it has become so easy to tip the boat over on the other side. Zinhle skillfully brings a Kingdom balance by using the Word of God as the premise from which she writes. Read this book not just as a collection of historical events but as a tool that will help you find answers amid great discouragement and personal challenges. Read it a couple of times and internalize the wisdom it carries, and you will begin your journey to His Story, My Life.

This book will minister to many in the church. It will encourage people to prepare themselves for marriage, get healed from the past and step into meaningful relationships at all levels. It will also be a tool for ministers to know how to handle situations that have deeper causes. It carries a direct hard hitting message that causes the reader to begin to look deep into their heart and get their life in order. It carries a strong anointing that will bless many lives and help them get into a place of healing and restoration. It shall connect with many people as the author have opened up her life to the world and made herself vulnerable and that will draw people to the book. This book will draw families to connect and use it as a tool for healing, deliverance and restoration. It carries a strong message that shall provoke a deep healing in people’s lives, bring healing in marriages and help couples draw closer to each other and build stronger marriages. It is a tool that will help people to introspect and confront many issues that may be hidden. This book can be used as a work book for group discussion in Book Clubs.

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His Story My Life Book

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October – December 2023

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