Professional Christian Counseling

This 10-month program seeks to professionally equip and empower anyone who is involved in helping adults, youth and children to deal with emotional and relational problems whether in the marketplace, community, church and family through the Word of God looking at life from God’s perspective.  The facilitators are qualified and experienced, providing the international standard.

The methodology is:

  • God-centered
  • Christ-exalting
  • Cross-cherishing
  • Love-centered
  • Purpose-driven

The modules that are covered are as follows:

  • Understanding Christian Counseling vs Secular Counseling
  • Children & Youth
  • Life Issues
  • Code of Ethics
  • Assignments and Practicals
  • Case Study

The students who have been found competent at the end of the program will be invited into a Graduation Ceremony and also be assisted in obtaining the Accreditation with the Councilor for Counselors in South Africa.

First Intake: June 2023 – February 2024 (Registration closes 30 June 2023)

Second Intake: January – October 2024 (Registration opens November – December 2023)


If you would like to refresh or get new information in the Counseling space, kindly see the following workshops that we have or to invite us to train your staff or talk on the following topics:

  • Realities of Divorce (Finance/Pension Fund on Divorces)
  • Realities of Cohabitation
  • Maintenance Claims
  • Domestic Violence & Consequences
  • Harassment/ Bullying
  • Effective Parenting
  • Marriage Enrichment
  • Marriage Preparation

Our Accredited Mediation Practitioners can help you in family court with domestic violence, divorce settlements and maintenance negotiations/settlement.


Employee Wellness Topics:

Abuse & Addiction Anger, Anxiety and Depression
Emotional Healing
Grief & Hope
Self worth & Reclaiming my dignity
Building Healthy Relationships & Boundaries
Financial Wellness (Budgeting, Investment & Savings Planning, Pre & Post Retirement Planning & Debt Management)
Art of Leadership
Career Development & Mentorship
Unleashing the power of Emotional Intelligence
Child Maintenance & Parenting Plan
Law Practices for Divorce Settlement & Uncontested Divorce Application
Divorce Effects (Emotional & Financial)
Marriage Enrichment
Marriage Preparation
Effective Parenting
Blended Families

Are you planning a Wellness Day/Team Building for your employees and you need a qualified and experienced facilitators? Look no further, send us your request and we will be at your service.

Email us at or contact 078 799 9242 for more information.

Sussanah Nogaga
078 799 9242